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International Carbon Markets Institute

International Carbon Markets Institute
Carbon offsetting has rapidly become the premier launchpad for companies setting goals to become carbon neutral at a more accelerated pace with the ultimate goal of becoming net zero. Governments globally are grappling with the obstacles of developing carbon markets that align with both private-sector sustainability goals and national carbon reduction imperatives. The International Carbon Markets Institute was formed with the support of these nations to expedite the introduction of integrity-based carbon offsetting as a strategic ingredient in a wholistic public-private sector initiative to bring carbon reduction, sustainability, and social impact programs to the industry sectors of manufacturing, oil, gas, and energy, commercial construction, mining, and technology.

The International Carbon Markets Institute in collaboration with the Embassy Row Project, Eastern European Institute for Trade, NetZero Incubator & Accelerator, Envirotech Pre-Accelerator, And offers the much anticipated “U.S.-E.U. Carbon Markets Expansion Trade Mission Series”. This trade mission is supported by international trade-focused stakeholders in the public and private sectors in the industries of mining, manufacturing, oil, gas, energy, commercial construction, and tech.

The U.S. and E.U. Carbon Markets International carbon markets institute Expansion Trade Mission will work with public and private sector stakeholders to launch programs and strategies that offer environmental commodities to commercial sector organizations to expedite the progression of sustainability and carbon reduction programs. ICMI’s elite group of carbon markets experts will assist trade associations, regional governments, and commercial organizations in applying carbon offsets to their newly formed carbon reduction strategies to accelerate their path to carbon neutrality and eventually net zero emissions.

The NetZero Incubator & Accelerator is working with trade associations and companies globally to educate the c-suite on carbon reduction best practices and then the International Carbon markets Institute engages with each organization to introduce carbon offsetting options to accelerate their path to carbon neutrality within a 12-month timeframe.

Select organizations are invited to participate in trade missions supported by Washington, D.C.-based embassies, collaborating States, and European and E.U. member ministries for strategic business development-focused meetings, presentations, briefings, and live, and virtual events. Our network of outreach specialists will facilitate daily outreach and introductions to commercial sector organizations that want to utilize carbon offsets as part of their holistic strategy to be carbon neutral in 2023.

Organizations can expect:
- Accelerated, immediate, and direct domestic and international expansion through rapport-driven introductions
- Weekly business development and strategic partnership outreach to introduce each organization to new companies, trade associations, and regional governments who are ready to engage.
- A non-competitive space where there will be no overlap of companies selling or promoting to the same potential clients
- Live and virtual presentations to organizations with a keen interest in utilizing carbon offsets in their sustainability and social impact strategy
- Direct introductions and done-for-you meeting set-up rooted in commercial business development
- Events at the National Press Club, Embassies, Trade Associations, United States Congress, and ministries throughout Europe
- Targeted commercial niches are:
- Manufacturing
- Oil, gas, and energy
- Mining
- Commercial Construction
- Technology
- Targeted commercial niche organizational structures are:
- Corporations
- Trade Associations
- Regional Economic Development Organizations
- Business Networking Groups
- Commercial and Sustainability-Focused Agencies Supported by States, Ministries, Nonpovernmental, and Intergovernmental organizations

Our goal is to evangelize sustainability and carbon reduction best practices and to introduce carbon offsetting as a strategic mechanism that can expedite an organization’s path to carbon neutrality as they make modifications to their business structure to eventually graduate to net zero carbon emissions.

International positioning has already begun. We have limited our commercial sponsorships to only 10 select carbon markets platforms. To be considered to participate as a company, International carbon markets institute trade association, EDO, NGO, IGO, or regional government contact us at

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